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A specialist crew for special clients.

Handpicked over years by Mash Creative Director Sharney Ryan, the Mash team is a uniquely skilled set of professionals who cover all the bases to make a full-service digital marketing agency.

One factor that sets us apart is everyone here has experience in business ownership or management - whether in earlier phases of our careers or as ongoing micro-businesses. This exposure to how business actually works sets us apart from other agencies staffed by people who have always worked "in agency".

It means we have people who understand the seat-of-your-pants rollercoaster that is a start-ups. It means we also have people who can navigate the delicate decision making of the suit-and-boardrooms world.

Simply, as a whole, our crew has huge and varied professional and personal experience - with the networks to match.

What it all means for you is advice and expertise from team members who know their respective fields inside and out ... and who knows a lot about business outside their fields altogether.

The Mash Media team of professionals.

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