Ben Payne

Your friendly neighbourhood web developer, designer and problem solver

Benjamin Payne

Technical Lead

Working from the Mash Media Sydney office.

What you do at Mash?

Technical Lead, Designer, Developer, Problem Solver

What is your experience?

  • Senior Engineer @ FlamingoAI
  • Founder & Problem Solver @ Fun/Serious Creative Agency
  • Co Founder & Chief Creative Officer @ Big Picture Labs
  • Senior Front End Developer @ oOh! / CloseBuys
  • Senior Developer & General Manager @ Orion Creative
  • Founder & Web Developer @ Octate Multimedia

What are your characteristics?

  • Gym junkie
  • Junk food junkie
  • Father of 3
  • Husband of 1
  • Loved by all

What music do you like listening to?

Pretty much anything except for country and Christian rock. Right now, I am listening to a live set of Steve Aoki at Tomorrowland 2017

What are you reading? Who is your favourite?

Graphic novels count right? Them and Lee Child is pretty good. You know if the books, Jack Reacher is a 6ft tall blonde man, not a 3ft tall Tom Cruise!

Tell us something interesting about you.

I lived in England for 6 months until I got kicked out for being too Aussie.

I wrote a short movie called “Home Alone 4 Ever” where the little kid gets shot in the first few minutes after squirting intruders with a water pistol. The rest of the short is a 'first person' view of the kid watching the intruders rob the house as it slowly fades to black.

What's your motto?


Favourite Drink?

Old Fashioned with good bourbon

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I have the honour ​of​ writ​ing​ a testimonial for Mash Media and in particular its owner Sharney Ryan. I have been with them for now over 5 years​! And wouldnt consider going anywhere else again.​ The​y are a great team who have a​ genuine interest in helping my practice succeed with Marketing, Adwords and Website​ &​amp; SEO has been superb.Prior to them advising me i had spent significant sums with large organizations, only to find that much of the budget was spent on their overheads and profit before being applied to my business.This company ​truly ​delivers.

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