What is Local SEO?

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Local SEO is the practice of optimising your website to reach more customers in your local area. It is beneficial to any small to medium single or multi-site business or chain which deals directly with customers at a physical store location or services a specific, targeted area. It is utilising best practice to put your …

How to optimise images for SEO?

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, had to sit through an interview with Congress and explain the basics of why image results of the US President were returned when anyone Googled “idiot”. Meanwhile the rest of the internet was taking notes on how to optimize images for SEO.

What is GDPR?

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Your site is not too small to be hacked

There’s now something like 74 million sites out there built on WordPress. A good chunk of them are business sites. Your business site is probably built on WordPress. Even if you are a tiny operation, to think you are too small for a hacker to bother with is misguided. Hackers like small.

How can I calculate ROI for SEO?

It’s a well-known problem: establishing the return on investment (ROI) for search engine optimisation (SEO) is tricky – especially for sites that do not offer e-commerce. Even for sites that do offer e-commerce, any decent SEO-ROI projection first requires that your SEO provider has full access to the site’s data and that the site is already properly optimised for conversions.