Parry’s Carpets

3D Rendering Provision for
home decor.


Parry’s is a website development client of Mash Media’s, and in our research into customer behaviour, we identified an opportunity for a website feature that enabled customers to see how a carpet texture and colour looked in certain rooms. The client approved the idea and our project manager gave the task to the development team.


During our planning and research stage, our team decided that a designed 3D render of the rooms was appropriate for the project so that we could control and change the design of the rooms based on client feedback. This agility allowed us to remove the need for external services such as stylists, photographers and production managers.

The design process was collaborative with the client. Clean-cut and modern images were sourced that held an aesthetic appeal and reflected the mean target market of customers for Parry’s. From these ideas, we designed the rooms from scratch, keeping the aesthetic brief in check.

Our Dev team was then tasked with the creation of the 3D render, as well as compiling a database of carpet images that could be instantly used by the end user to present a reasonable facsimile of the carpet of their choice in a room designed for the purpose.


After user testing and systems admin checklists were completed and signed off internally, the feature was presented to the client and approved to go live.

  • The day of deployment, Parry’s reported that they received an enquiry from the newly developed carpet switcher.
  • Since deployment, the client, Parry’s reports that customers who find them via search are more likely to know both the colour, texture and size area of the carpet they are interested in before coming to the showroom.
  • Organic website enquiries went up by 18.25% compared to previous period and went up by 212% compared to the same period last year (Feb – Apr 2018)


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