Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media management, Rockingham Holden now ranks #1 in Google local pack searches

A successful dealer for one of Australia’s favourite car brands for nearly a decade, Rockingham Holden’s digital marketing didn’t match its business’s stature or reputation.

The Challenge

The online position it deserved was crowded out by local dealers for Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hyundai and arch rival Ford.

Somehow Rockingham Holden, just south of Perth, had almost zero local search presence even though you can’t miss it when you physically drive through the area!

So, when you looked on Google Maps or did a Google search for terms like “car dealer Rockingham”, this successful, well-established and official dealer for one of Australia’s biggest brands didn’t appear until page 3.

Meanwhile, Rockingham Holden’s own website was built on a template mandated by Holden itself which has limited flexibility to roll out SEO fixes.

Compounding the problem was an unfocused social media strategy. Once again, what the dealer could do in its social spaces was tightly governed by the Holden’s corporate policies. HOwever, Rockingham Holden knew it wasn’t performing as well as it should be.

Our job: fix it!

Our Solution

Achieving the results Rockingham Holden needed was a job for Mash Media’s expert team led by Campaign Manager Camille le Goff, SEO Strategist Rebecca Caldwell and Digital Marketing Manager Angelina Malloch.

To address the SEO aspects of the Rockingham Holden’s situation, the team developed a powerful and straightforward methodology.

It defines the problems and resources available, communicates our recommendations and then begins taking the necessary actions.

  1. An SEO audit to ascertain Rockingham Holden’s current position and build a baseline for tracking progress
  2. In person meeting with Rockingham Holden General Manager and senior staff to take them through the audit findings, discuss how their SEO objectives match their budget
  3. Research: A four-phase research project into the client’s web presence covering technical aspects, content/relevancy, linking strategy and keywords
  4. Compiling the research into a strategy that prioritises actions to be undertaken according to how efficient they will be with the budget available
  5. A strategy presentation to Rockingham Holden that steps them through what needs to be done and informs their expectations being careful to explain technical
  6. Client approves the strategy

The local SEO campaign strategy recommended the following:

  • Update the local widgets on the website
  • Content updates to improve local search relevant for main pages
  • Add JSON LD script on the homepage to strengthen the local and general information about the dealership
  • Google My Business listing audit and optimisation
  • Customer review strategy to encourage customers to leave feedback about the experience they had with the dealership
  • Local citation audit and update to keep local information consistent
  • Local citation generation to increase the online presence of the website on authoritative local listings and directories
  • SEO technical audit and recommendations
  • Technical implementations
  • Page titles and HTML headers optimisations
  • Site navigation update
  • Internal linking audit and recommendations
  • Internal linking implementations
  • Content audit and recommendations
  • New copy for important pages

The social media side of the campaign included:

  • A Facebook Page audit for Organic SEO and implementations
  • Social media management consultancy for key staff at the dealership
  • Creation and management of Facebook paid campaigns

The Results

After 3 months, the SEO and Social Media campaigns dramatically improved local Rockingham Holden’s visibility.

Despite the website’s restriction, Rockingham Holden scored improvements in web traffic, online enquiries and conversions.

The SEO Results

From its former position buried on page 3, Rockingham Holden today dominates the Google local pack -holding position #1 for a wide range of local unbranded search queries.

The standout figure: a 90% increase in combined Google Search and Google Maps traffic.

Other highlights:

  • 4X increase Rockingham Holden’s Google search performance for category, product or service
  • 428% increase in the number of times the Rockingham Holden was viewed on Google Maps
  • 17.3% YoY increase in organic page views from technical optimisation.

"I have been dealing with Sharney for many years and followed her from her last posting in a Corporation as Sharney displays skills and knowledge in this minefield of an industry. I am very pleased to be part of Mash Media’s growth from a one-man band to where they are today with employees and offices all over. We are treated well and never pushed to increase our spend like the big guys do. Sharney and her team make our digital life clearer and easier."

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