Southern Cross Truck Rentals (SCTR) is a relatively new player in Greater Sydney’s consumer and commercial truck rental business.

The Challenge

With a fleet of around 100 vehicles starting at simple work utes right up to fully fledged linehaul prime-movers, it has a broad product offering.

Further, it has recently moved to larger premises and is seeking to expand its operations in a challenging operating environment.

Benchmarking itself against local competitors, Southern Cross Truck Rentals saw that it had to attract a larger share of the pie and dissatisfied with its then digital marketing provider, it decided to call on Mash Media.

SCTR needed us to revise its online presence and pursue digital avenues towards business growth.

Our Solution

As road transport is an industry that is especially sensitive to economic conditions and also beset by a heavy regulatory burden, Mash Media needed to work closely with senior management to identify effective strategies.

Our process is efficient and straightforward. First, our SEO, SEM and Content Writing staff went to SCTR’s premises in Western Sydney for in-person discussions with SCTR’s senior management. Together we isolated the companies marketing goals:

  1. Accurately target the commercial market, i.e. a known set of transport companies who, as repeat clients, would need to temporarily hire-in extra vehicles
  2. Effectively target consumer market, i.e. the broader businesses and individuals needing road transport solutions for a variety of reasons.

With these two goals in mind, we:

  • Discussed the digital approaches that might be effective
  • Covered SCTR’s expectations of the digital marketing campaign
  • Explained how Mash could help.

Back in our offices, the Mash team conducted a website audit to ascertain SCTR’s current position and build a baseline for tracking progress, This included a four-phase research project into the client’s web presence covering:

  1. Technical aspects
  2. Content/relevancy
  3. Linking strategies
  4. Keywords.

We compiled this research into a strategy that prioritised actions according to SCTR’s goals.

The local SEO campaign strategy recommended the following:

  • Update the local widgets on the website
  • Content updates to improve local search relevant for main pages
  • Add JSON LD script on the homepage to strengthen the local and general information about the dealership
  • Google My Business listing audit and optimisation
  • Customer review strategy to encourage customers to leave feedback about the experience they had with the dealership
  • Local citation audit and update to keep local information consistent
  • Local citation generation to increase the online presence of the website on authoritative local listings and directories

During this time, SCTR hired its own in-house marketing manager to collaborate with the agencies, such as Mash, working on its digital and offline promotional efforts.

Establishing a responsive, proactive relationship with this new hire meant our strategy for SCTR’s branding and sales strategy could be fast-tracked.

The Results

Because any vehicle parked up in SCTR’s depot represents lost profit, keeping the entire fleet fully booked out is crucial.

However, the rental structure for the various vehicles in the fleet differs dramatically - a prime mover might be hired by a client for more than a week, whereas the small utes and vans sell out every Saturday and Sunday but aren’t popular for the rest of the week.

For this reason, Mash media revised SCTR’s website content to increase overall demand and our AdWords campaigns had to quickly respond to changes in SCTR’s forward bookings.

Delivering both effectively meant that within 12 months SCTR saw its online advertising:

  • Leads increase by 120%
  • Conversion Rate increase by 175%
  • Cost per lead reduce 55%.

We had Mash Media re design our Web Page in 2018. The results were immediate and well above expectations. Mash Media's professionalism and speed to bring our site up to date was fantastic. I highly recommend them. They're one of the main reasons our business has been so successful. Thank you.

John Novatsis
APC Business Manager.

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