See how digital display ads and remarketing strategies really work.

Digital display & Remarketing advertising

A combined digital display and remarketing campaign can be a lead-generating machine. That's if it's well managed.

How it works: a thoroughly tested display ad is deployed to qualified targets, then remarketing ensures those who showed interest will see the ad again.

Properly manage the hundreds of variables involved and your digital display and remarketing campaign becomes an engine that the grabs attentions and reinforces your message – turning prospects into leads.

Show the people what the want to see

Digital display advertising is both affordable and precisely targeted.

Digital display ads are like “smart billboards” that know when they are viewed. Then these “smart billboards” follow your prospects around the web to show up again and again on the sites they visit.

Remarketing reinforces your message at an effective frequency for your industry, your business, even your unique product.


Learn more about digital display and remarketing

Digital display ads and remarketing go hand-in-hand. Combined, they are like personalised, moving highway billboards.

With Mash Media's targeting strategies your digital display ads are only shown to only the right passing cars. Then, remarketing means if they pay attention once, the billboard will re-appear for them to drive past later. Each exposure pulls them further into the sales funnel.

Your digital display ad strategy, management and tracking ensures your ads appear to the right driver and then re-appear at the right time. But managing it all is not easy.

To make digital display work reliably, you need skill and experience.

Mash Media has both.

Digital display ads that work

Your digital display ads are a flexible and testable format that can contain animation, video and tailored messaging.

The aim is to grab your customer's attention and get them clicking through to your site. Digital display ads offer consistent and ongoing brand awareness while driving your website traffic.

It's just a great way to make an impact with your future customers.

Remarketing: real results

Remarketing tracks future customers who have visited your site and makes sure your display ads reappear in front of them on other websites they visit for up to 30 days.

This timing is crucial, as these customers-to-be are still in their key purchase-decision phase. Remarketing keeps you top of mind, automatically.

This lead nurturing in the customer's pre-decision phase means you become a regular part of their research even when they are not actively searching for you. It makes reengaging with you all the easier. Think of remarketing as a finessing touch that turns clicks into cash flow.

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