Make social media work for you.

Use social media to effectively build your business today

Think social media isn't for you? Think about what people talk about and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – everything.

Your customers are already talking about you on social media. Do you know what they are saying? With a strong social media management and marketing campaign you can join their conversations, make friends and influence users.

Mash Media has a proven track record in delivering great client results from expertly managed social media presences – all built on the promise of never locking you into a contract.

Each day, we help businesses like yours:

  • Build their brands
  • Understand their customers
  • Win repeat business.

Think social media isn't for you?

Think about what people talk about and share on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn – everything.

They talk about their needs, their problems and how your competitors have let them down. With every status update, like and follow your current and future customers are telling you what they want.

With Mash Media that data is yours and you'll have a strategy to use it. Simply, with Mash Media you can make social media work for you.


Facebook has more than 15 million users in Australia against a population of 24 million.

Social media gives you access to your customers pre- and post-sale. You'll be on their minds even outside their buying cycle.

Managing your social media means you can build your brand proactively and protect it instantly.

Find out what people are saying about you. Join their conversations. Turn friends into fans and followers into customers.

Friends and trends in social media

Social media is ever-changing and sometimes fickle. It's an exciting and challenging place to do business. Mash Media has built a solid and reliable track record of great client results. Our clients' analytics reports regularly return standout statistics, such as doubling their rates of repeat business.

It's fair to say social media management is hot. It's been hot for years. It's going to stay hot for years. Why? It works. You can easily count and track the tangible results of a successful social media campaign – it's ROI measured in dollar terms and new customers attracted. The business case of those numbers alone is compelling enough to invest in social media management.

But it's the intangible benefits of social media that can be even greater. What is the value to your business of building relationships, securing loyalty and becoming part of a user's daily life? How much is it worth to you if a customer complains, but your fans convince them to give you another go?

Social life of the party

A truism of networking is that every new network member is an exponential increase in the value of a network overall. Today, Facebook has way over a billion users globally. Locally, two-thirds of Australians are regular users. The numbers for the other big social networks are also impressive. In Australia, YouTube, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Twitter – plus a few others – all record monthly unique user figures in the millions.

Each social media service tracks and profiles exactly who these millions are. They are the most understood customer group in history. Every share, like and follow is recorded as a stream of constantly updated behavioural, demographic, purchase intent and dissatisfaction data.

Millions of users understood minutely. You can reach them and manage your reputation, build your branding, promote a sales message and resolve problems before they become gossip, rumour and misinformation.

Turn the crowd into a choir

There's an old saying that the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. Social media takes it one step further. Today, successful businesses know the worst thing is not whether you are being talking about, is not being able to join or start that conversation in the first place.

Thing is, none of those people talking has a strategy. They are a directionless crowd simply sharing opinions and ideas. With a good strategy, you can give them direction and steer them to help you achieve your business goals. Taking part in customer conversations will grow your business, ignoring them turns a valuable communications channel into a forum of gossip and rumour. So remember, business is transacted, but relationships last.

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