Web design and development

New websites built from scratch, existing websites updated and improved.

3 seconds. That's all your business website gets before your customer judges you. First impressions count. And these days your website is your customer's first point of contact. It must impress.

From personal sales and portfolios to e-commerce and 24/7 shop fronts, your website is the showcase for your business. It must convert visitors into clients.

Mash Media will refine every aspect of your web presence through cutting-edge web design and development:

  • Professional design
  • Clear navigation
  • Relevant content
  • Appealing images
  • Web-optimised information
  • SEO best practices
  • Full analytics and reporting.

Mash Media will assess your site to build a strategy to improve its performance and conversion rate.

When you don't need big fixes, Mash won't try to sell them to you.
When you do need a big fix, we'll explain why.

Mash doesn't do lock-in contracts, meaning every move we make is accountable to your ROI.

Working your website harder.

Saying that every business website can work harder is like saying that any investment could give greater returns. Because that's how you should think of your website: an investment in your business. Poor websites actually cost money, not make it.

In rethinking your website as a business investment, Mash Media can guide you on doing it right. Some websites only need simple tweaks to begin really performing; others need rebuilds – either way, it's better to stop the red ink rot sooner.

Recommended website improvements may include:

  • Installing tracking codes for services like Google Analytics
  • Updating content, page layouts and images
  • Ensuring all SEO is complete and current
  • Revising structure and content to drive customer engagement
  • Connecting your site to your social media.

The right website catches, compels and converts a visitor into a new customer. The internet now has the capacity to really show your business in the light it deserves. Your ideas combined with Mash Media's years of experience will yield the online success you should be getting.

Overtake competitors who think their sites are working at 100%. Meet Mash Media to witness what the web can really do for your success. Call 1300 00 MASH (6274) or email info@mashmedia.com.au


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