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What services does a full-service Digital Marketing Agency like Mash Media provide?
When partnering with a full-service digital marketing agency like Mash media, you will have access to expert knowledge on everything digital. Working with our team of experts who are familiar with everything from developing strategic marketing plans to targeting customers through paid ads campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc), Website design and development, Search Engine Optimisation, and social media. We will drive quality leads to your business and meet your business goals more efficiently than ever before.

Paid Ads, Google Ads, PPC, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), whatever you like to call it can be an extremely effective way to drive instant leads to your business with a properly set up campaign. Mash Media can build, manage and optimise your Paid Ads campaigns all under the account which you own.

When it comes to digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a must-have. Though you may be able to attract some attention with advertisements or other methods of promotion without SEO – your website will not get as much traffic long-term if people can’t find it easily when they search for something related on Google. Mash Media will be aiming to get you ranking organically high on the first page of Google results to draw attention from potential customers!

A website is a digital storefront for your business that can help you grow. It’s important to pay attention to the web design of your site in order for it to convert visitors into customers and generate sales. A great agency will ensure you have an aesthetically pleasing user interface, clear navigation, comprehensive content with high-quality images/video which provide value to people who visit this page. Mash Media can help you with designing a site that converts users in real-life results.

Mash Media also offers Social media page management and Social media paid ads (Facebook ads, Instagram Ads, etc). Social media marketing is a powerful tool that provides an exciting, personal way for potential customers to discover your brand. You can customize your message based on its unique characteristics to best match the needs of individual consumers and generate direct sales!

What makes Mash Media different from other agencies?
We often hear, why didn’t we know of you guys earlier!
Mash has been built on the foundation of word-of-mouth referrals and is proud of the many years of proven success of our loyal customers. Our results do the talking!

Our passion is helping small-medium size businesses grow. We don’t lock anyone into long-term contracts or a single strategy for a fixed term. We frequently assess the success and KPI’s of all our campaigns to make sure that this is achieving the best possible ROI for our customers.

Do you have lock-in contracts?

No, we do not have lock-in contracts, (unless you choose a package deal). We are confident that we will provide exceptional results and a better Return on Investment, so we don’t need to lock you into a contract.

What are the benefits of hiring a full-service Digital Agency Like Mash Media?
When you hire a full-service digital agency like Mash Media, it is like hiring an entire team of marketing experts. We are always up to date with current marketing trends or updates and implement best practice principles in our work.

Unlike having an in-house employee with expertise in one area (eg. social media), the Mash team has mastered every aspect of marketing through all online channels. This includes optimising paid ads campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, even email campaigns setup.

What does it cost to hire a Digital Marketing agency?
The costs vary depending on experience and quality of work. We recommend you do your research and compare offers
What payments methods do you accept?
Bank Transfer (EFT), Credit card (Visa + MasterCard), gold bars.

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