Google Ads Update Changing the Game

23 July 2019

If there’s one thing you should remember about digital marketing it’s that everything is temporary. Google Ads exemplify this, by always changing and innovating. A few tweaks here and there and they’ve made marketers change their whole strategies.

This latest update to the Google Ads platform adds new features, more automation, better tools, and integration features. Of course, with every update, there’s always a list of potential setbacks or negative effects to users or customers. Let’s take a look at what to expect.

Support for Season Adjustments This is an improvement in streamlining promotional advertising based on seasonality. You can tell Google’s Smart Bidding System that you expect conversion rates to change based on an upcoming season. This will allow for more accurate adjustments and less waste.

Additional In-Market Categories Google is adding more in-market segments to all main categories. On top of that, they’re expanding retail categories with 30 more main and subcategories. This will make organizing in-market audiences a lot more efficient and logically-tied to customer search and browsing behavior.

Discovery Ads Google Discover is now a new way to deliver ads to customers. This interactive swipeable image carousel open up new ways to reach customers on the YouTube home feed, Gmail promotions tab, and the feed in Google Discover.

Updated UI All paid members will already have the updated user interface that Google has rolled out. This new interface is arguably easier to use and displays more information at-a-glance. The responsiveness of the new Google Ads interface is faster, especially on laptops with limited memory. New users will find the keyword recommendations and tool guides to actually prove to be useful.

Updated Ad Character Limits Standard character limits for text ads are now at three 30-character headlines and two 90-character descriptions. This update makes it easier for users to test out different variations of copy in search ads. You’ll still need to finesse your text a little to get everything to show up, but the higher limit is welcomed.

Local Inventory Ads Promotions  Last, but not least, one of the more exciting features added in this latest update is to LIAs. These are shopping ads that will feature items in stores within a local search area. This is great for nearby retailers trying to grab attention using sales and promotions to shoppers on the road.

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