It's All About Google

The anatomy of a Google search


More than 90% of online experiences start with a search, this results in approximately 3.5 billion searches per day. So, making sure your website can be found when your customers are searching has never been more important.

Knowing where where to start and what your options are is the first step, see below for our breakdown of a Google search and what each section is called.


Google’s paid advertising platform (Adwords) A live auction system. You have complete control over your campaign, ads, budget, keywords. The display order is based on an algorithm that balances cost/quality. Having a highly trained & experienced campaign manager will ensure you have the best possible quality at every level. This provides you with the most amount of leads at the lowest possible cost.


A free profile page called Google My Business. This profile contains information such as name, location, hours, reviews, photos, links to website and social sites & weekly posts (like mini blogs) The practice of continually optimising this listing (amoung other things) is the key focus of Local SEO. Getting into the map listings allows you to dominate in your area, and if you are in a very competitive industry, potentially leap frog onto the first page of Google.


SEO is the practice of optimising your company’s website in order to increase your visibility/ranking in the organic search results. Appearing on the first page of Google not only increases your exposure & enquiries, but also your credibility. SEO is a long term relationship, it requires some serious skills and patience, but the ROI once achieved is unparalled.


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Acrow Investments

Acrow is a family owned business in the Central Coast that build Granny Flats, Dual Occupancies & Small Developments.

+252% In organic traffic

+350% In organic leads

Matraville Veterinary Clinic

Under new ownership, Matraville Vets wanted to dominate their local area with a new website and comprehensive marketing plan.

+252% In organic traffic

+350% In organic leads

Zecca Cosmedical

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+252% In organic traffic

+350% In organic leads