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The first page of Google is the only page that matters. Everyone knows it, every business wants it. The Mash Media team will put you there! Our Google Ads Specialists work with you to engage qualified leads, reduce acquisition costs and improve your existing marketing ROAS (return on as spend). We will build a well researched & powerful PPC campaign that aligns with your busines goals for immediate success.
We help you by:
  • Generating more quality leads
  • Continueally lowering your cost per lead
  • Improve relevancy and overall campaign performance
  • Increase ROI across all your campaigns
Mash Media’s innovative & responsive strategies provide uncompromising results, WE GUARANTEE IT!
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The Mash Media team stays up to date with the latest Google trends, technology & strategies to gain insight into elite campaign management tactics. Combine that with our advanced analytics knowledge and industry expertise and we have all the insight to required to provide maximum impact to your marketing.

With the competition on Google Ads constantly increasing you need to know firstly if it is a profitable and via marketing channel for you, and if it is, you need to make sure you partner with the analytical wizards that can make sure you get the most out of your campaigns.

Is it secret sauce? No, but it is highly scientific, and requires alot of analysis and constant manipulation to get the best results.

Consider this.

averages conversion rate sample
averages conversion rate sample
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Achieve higher visibility & better click attribution with a multi-channel approach.

We can help you with campaigns across the Google suite to attract your customers in the right stage of the buying funnel.

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Search Ads

Gain priority position for your chosen keywords in the locations you want with Googles Pay Per Click platform Google Ads. Targeted leads at a controlled cost.

Remarketing Ads icon

Remarketing Ads

Remain front of mind for people who have already visited your website with display ads and make it easy for them to reconnect when they are ready to buy.

Display Ads icon

Display Ads

Create visually appealing ads to build brand awareness and to drive traffic to your website at a really affordable rate, with optimisation options to improve performance.

Shopping Ads icon

Shopping Ads

Reach customers when they are ready to buy, with product comparison aimed to drive more e-commerse sales.

YouTube Ads icon

YouTube Ads

Interest targeting ads that delivers brand awareness, and you only pay when someone watches the full length of your ad.

Gmail Ads icon

Gmail Ads

A form of remarketing that is displayed at the top of peoples email, where it is proven to a high level of reengagement activity at a low cost per click.

Search Engine Marketing can be the most powerful advertising medium for your business provided your campaigns are strategic planned & precision managed to drive conversions.


It starts with a thorough analysis of your data before crafting an innovative campaign. We follow this by ongoing performance management and optimisation to maximise the campaign effectiveness and consistently deliver you the best ROAS possible.

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If you want the best results, you need the best Google Ads Agency to mangage your Google Ads Campaigns.

Only the top 3% of the certified agencies are awarded the coveted Premier Partner status.
This prestigious title is only given to agencies who have demonstrated their qualifications, expertise and excellence with Google Ads campaigns.
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As a Tier 1 Premier Partner with Google, its safe to say, we know our stuff! Check out some of our client success stories.
case study rentokil


Google Ads
Year on Year Results

Increase in Leads

Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Decrease in Cost Per Click

Increase in Search Click Through Rate

case study parrys carpet

Parrys Carpets

Google Ads
Year on Year Results

Increase in Leads

Lower Cost Per Lead

Increase in Click Through Rate


seo case study matraville vet

Binetter Eye Centre

Google Ads
Year on Year Results

Increase in Leads

Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Increase In Conversion Rate

Increase in Click Through Rate

Want results like this for your business?


What are Google Ads?
Google Ads (previously Google AdWords) is the way that businesses can use the Google Search results to advertise their products or service. This network also includes YouTube, Display advertising and Google Shopping.

Google Ads allows advertisers the opportunity to set a daily budget and then bid on clicks, impressions or YouTube views to meet specific goals for their ads.

Google can immediately drive phone calls or traffic to your website and users can customise their budgets and targeting to fit your needs.

Is Mash the right Agency to manage my Google Ads?

Our results do the talking! We will guarantee better results. We are so confident, we will not lock you in to a contract.
Once we review your current campaign (if applicable), budget and goals we can determine how we will get better results for your business.

For a review of your current campaign or just want better results, get in contact with us today.

What’s a Google Premier Partner?

To fulfill the Premier Partner requirements, companies must satisfy Google’s Certification, Performance and Spend benchmarks.

Google requires that 50% of the account strategists in the Ads manager account be certified in Google Ads. At least one certification is also required for each Google product with media spend (Shopping, Display, Search etc).

Here, Google monitors the health of your Google Ads Campaign and ensures that it is properly built, maintained and optimised to achieve the best result for the customer. This is given through an optimisation score, a score that needs to be greater than 70%.
Mash Media currently has an optimisation score of 90%!

Spend: The manager account needs to maintain an Ad spend of $10,000 USD over 90 days.

The top 3% of companies that meet Google’s requirements are assessed on a number of factors, such as client retention, client growth, annual ad spends across the managed accounts and product diversification.

What is better, Google Ads or SEO?
Google Ads and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are two different marketing strategies, but it ultimately comes down to time vs budget.

Google Ads show up at the top of Google Search results and can generate instant leads with a carefully setup and optimised campaign. This can be costly but the result is immediate.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a long-term strategy (6 months +) where your website can be listed in the organic rankings of the Google search results. This is below the Google Ads results but clicks to your website don’t cost you anything.

What is the best strategy for Google Ads?

Every business is different. For a personalised strategy, please get in contact with us.

Why can’t I see my Ads?

There are a lot of reasons why you might not be seeing your ads:

  • Your daily budget has been exceeded
  • Your campaign may be paused
  • The Ad hasn’t been approved
  • Targeting is too narrow
  • You’re outside of the targeted geographical location
  • Device bidding is not set up
  • You’re blocking your IP address
  • Not bidding enough
  • Quality Score is not high enough

For a free review of your current campaign, please click here.

When should I use Google Ads?
Google Ads a great way to generate instant leads and boost sales. With Google Analytics you can very accurately track all the data relating to your campaign,
Will Google Ads work for my business?

Google Ads are a fantastic marketing tool for most businesses. Let us know your budget here and we can estimate how many leads you’ll get.

Do you send reports?
Yes, following the end of the month or your cycle Mash will send out a report summarising the relevant metrics and KPI’s