Making SEO really work for your business.


Maximise your SEO efforts and improve your search engine rankings with our SEO specialist expertise.

A Mash Media SEO campaign is a multi-tactic effort tailored to your business, industry and budget. Our SEO will improve your site’s performance with a wholistic strategy which includes:

  • Targeted keyword research
  • Reliable ongoing support
  • Measurement and reporting
  • Technical optimisation
  • Original content creation


When you choose Mash Media for your SEO, you will get a Premium Google Partner that has the skills and experience to ensure your business gains the online visibility it deserves.

Unlike traditional marketing tactics, SEO is a highly measurable, long term strategy. Working in conjunction with your offline marketing, our SEO team will liaise with you to ensure your message is consistent, and your goals are measurable. Think of us as your SEO partner, not just another service.


More than 40% of adults and 51% of teens use voice search every day.

Voice search is about direct action. When your website is optimised for voice search it means your content can answer any questions your potential customers have. Voice SEO is not just about mobile – the prolific use of Google Home, Alexa and other smart devices means that voice search has never been more easy or popular to use around the world.

Our SEO team will research your industry and popular voice search queries to create a tailored content strategy that benefits your business, identifying low hanging long tail keywords that rank in search when voice is used.

We will connect you with customers who are (literally) asking for what you can deliver.


More eyes on you. Great SEO campaigns include video integration. Having a strong video strategy can make your content more shareable, direct traffic back to your site and generate sales, while giving your business more real estate in search. Better still – video results routinely appear above Google quick answer results, and above traditional search engine results, helping your brand stand out from the crowd. 

We can manage your Youtube channel to ensure it’s optimised for search, and recommend the right video content strategy that will help you get noticed and watched by a larger audience.


Mash has the digital skills, industry knowledge, creative thinking and Premium Google Partner accreditations to give you the best possible results.

SEO just for the search engine rankings is old school. While be absolutely do the keyword research and even report on your rankings, they are but one part of a bigger picture.

Our SEO specialists will work with you and find a set of KPIs that make sense to the success of your business. What does success look like for you?