Specialty SEO

When you need to optimise
more than just your website.

Voice Search SEO

More than 40% of adults and 51% of teens use voice search every day. 

Voice search is about direct action. When your website is optimised for voice search it means your content can answer any questions your potential customers have. Voice SEO is not just about mobile – the prolific use of Google Home, Alexa and other smart devices means that voice search has never been more easy or popular to use around the world.

Our SEO team will research your industry and popular voice search queries to create a tailored content strategy that benefits your business, identifying low hanging long tail keywords that rank in search when voice is used.

We will connect you with customers who are (literally) asking for what you can deliver.


More eyes on you. Great SEO campaigns include video integration. Having a strong video strategy can make your content more shareable, direct traffic back to your site and generate sales, while giving your business more real estate in search. Better still - video results routinely appear above Google quick answer results, and above traditional search engine results, helping your brand stand out from the crowd.

We can manage your Youtube channel to ensure it’s optimised for search, and recommend the right video content strategy that will help you get noticed and watched by a larger audience.


Get found by the people who live local to your business or who are passing through your area. Optimising your business for local search ensures anyone who is actively searching for your type of business or service in your area will see you first, at the precise time they are looking.

Over 46% of searches have local intent. More mobile searches are using the operator ‘find near me’ or ‘search this area’ – which means if you’re not ‘local’ you’re missing out.

Local search connects you with an immediate audience and helps you to match – or get ahead – of your competition.

  • Google My Business Optimization
  • Local Citation Optimization
  • Content Optimization

Amazon Product Ranking

Get your product seen on Amazon! Amazon, like Google, uses algorithms to match your customers’ searches with the products on their site. Keyword research into your industry and product allows us to optimize your listing so that you rank for problem solving, instant shopping searches on Amazon.

Better product ranking means your items are seen by more potential buyers, improving sales conversion and increasing your brand reach.

  • Research and Ranking Strategy
  • Listing Content Optimization
  • Image Optimization


Through many years of a changing internet landscape and states of the economy Mash Media constantly deliver what I believe is as good as you can get! We receive responsive personalised service that I have not experienced with any other provider, large or small. Forget the rest, you won’t be disappointed, Mash media delivers hands down the best return on investment in the online marketing world. Whilst there is never a guarantee that things remain the same (especially when technology is involved), you can be assured that the team at Mash Media will be one of the first to adapt and take advantage of on your behalf. This has been my experience to date and I have no reason to expect this to change.
John Travelli - Ceramo.
I have the honour ​of​ writ​ing​ a testimonial for Mash Media and in particular its owner Sharney Ryan. I have been with them for now over 5 years​! And wouldnt consider going anywhere else again.​ The​y are a great team who have a​ genuine interest in helping my practice succeed with Marketing, Adwords and Website​ & SEO has been superb.Prior to them advising me i had spent significant sums with large organizations, only to find that much of the budget was spent on their overheads and profit before being applied to my business.This company ​truly ​delivers.
Dr Ron Binetter - AIES.
I have been dealing with Sharney for many years and followed her from her last posting in a Corporation as Sharney displays skills and knowledge in this minefield of an industry. I am very pleased to be part of Mash Media’s growth from a one-man band to where they are today with employees and offices all over. We are treated well and never pushed to increase our spend like the big guys do. Sharney and her team make our digital life clearer and easier.
Richard Wilson - Richard's Tyre Power.
If there is a better Digital Agency going around than Mash Media, then I haven't found them. And I have been looking for a long time!! We had an urgent need to get a site up and Sharney and Ben turned it around in 72 hours. Took a brief, clarified the brief, made the brief better than I thought possible. A great overall experience and just goes to show, botique is better!
Vincent Kelly - Viridor.
Sharney and Michael made sure they understand our business and Mash Media have an excellent campaign manager in Michael. His attention to detail and his hands-on approach to optimising our adwords campaign is what brought us back to Mash Media. We tried another campaign manager during the economic downturn, but came back to Mash Media when it became clear they could convert more enquiries, in spite of the economy.
Andrew Langdon - Sentinel Self Storage.
4 years and counting with the awesome Mash Media Team. They have been doing a great job of looking after our Adwords. More recently they have created a couple of different tailored websites that proved to save our adword cost by over 40%.......these websites paid for themselves in 6mths over the old clunkers. Superb results. Lovin’ their work.
Alex Brown - The URECO group of companies.