Mash Snack: Let’s Talk About Youtube

Episode #008 | November 6, 2020

Mash Snack: Let's Talk About Youtube

November 6, 2020


How is Youtube faring with all the new video sharing platforms out there? bec takes a quick look at the new features rolling out.

Audio Transcript

Hello, Mashers. It’s Bec Caldwell here. And welcome to a Tasty Mash Snack, a quick digital marketing tidbit to get you through your tea break. Pull up a chair. Hey, hey, everyone. It’s Bec Caldwell here and welcome to Mash Snacks. Today I’d like to talk about YouTube. Where does YouTube fit into your online strategy these days? Is it just for old people? I know when I talk about Facebook I get eye rolls and they say, “Hey, you know, that’s old, only old people use that these days.”

There are a lot of short video apps out now, I guess starting with stories on Instagram and Facebook and now Instagram Reels, and of course, Tik Tok which is hugely popular. So where does YouTube fit into this? They’ve now rebranded YouTube into YouTube TV and YouTube Music. So if you’re a premium Google subscriber, you’ve probably been prompted to download a new app if you normally use, like, Play Music or something, like I was. It’s taken me a little while to transition but I’m there now.

So YouTube are rolling out a new creator app called Shorts as well. From what I’m seeing, it’s essentially like Tik Tok, and that you can set a timer to record hands-free, you record your content, you can sing along with stuff, do some cool editing and stitch content together, and add a music track from an available library.

So it’s available in beta now, and I think only in India at the moment. But you can read about it on the YouTube blog, which we will link in the description and you might be able to sign up for when it becomes available in your country. I’m not really sure that we need another Tik Tok. I mean, if it’s just going to recreate exactly what that one is offering then it’s possible that it’s not really gonna hit as hard as they think it’s going to.

But the thing is YouTube is, you know, the sort of biggest, you know, video host in the world still, and it is still one of the biggest search engines as well. People use YouTube to search for things just as much as they use the regular Google search engine. So it’s possible, you know, if you’re going to go up against YouTube as a video creator then you’ve got to do it well, and I think Tik Tok has in that respect, especially for the younger market. But, hey, we’ll see. Let’s see what YouTube can do with it.

Now, they’re also getting into the app game, so starting with Fantasy Football app, which apparently allows you to track your sort of league scores while you’re watching online, so you don’t need two screens. You don’t need your Fantasy Football app open on one screen and wherever you watch the game in another. So I’m gonna assume this app allows for heckling your league members because otherwise, what good is it?

The product managers at YouTube have sort of said we’re not just gonna integrate every video game and live match into the new YouTube apps because otherwise they’re just gonna be sort of rehashing a few things that already exists. So it’ll be interesting to see what they do with it, because a lot of people are utilizing live things now that a lot of things are being done from home.

Obviously, Zoom has a huge market share in that But, I mean, YouTube is still super popular, and it’s also a place to store all your videos once you’ve done them. So even if you are doing a live event that’s where it can sit afterwards. So if you’re gonna be hosting them on your website, obviously YouTube’s a bit of a quicker way to serve that up. So, yeah, I am going to be looking at it with great interest. Let me know what you think about YouTube apps and YouTube Shorts.




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