New Financial Year, New Marketing Strategy?

14 June 2017

Happy New Financial Year!

Just as the regular New Year is a time to make changes in your personal life, the start of a new Financial Year is a time to make changes in your business life. Pretty convenient that they’re 6 months apart, because there is always a lot to do.

Among that lot to do is your digital marketing. It’s also one of those things that’s so broad and complicated a topic that many business people just don’t have the mental or emotional bandwidth to engage with it. We’re going to fix that.

Digital marketing headway

While digital marketing really does make you money, it’s undeniably complicated. It is hard to know:

  • Where to start
  • What to do next
  • What to do best
  • How to make any of these decisions.

The flowchart below is your cheat sheet to start figuring it out. Skip straight to it if you’re raring to go; otherwise, keep reading for a bit more context.

Making good decisions

At Mash Media, we see many successful business people who just aren’t getting good digital marketing results. Of these, some know they aren’t, many suspect they aren’t, a few don’t know what they should expect. The common problem is they don’t know enough about digital marketing to either make informed decisions or find trustworthy advice.

In general, they’re in one of four situations:

  • They don’t do any digital marketing – which means they’re missing out on the world’s biggest marketing channel.
  • They rely on digital marketing freelancers – which means they’re managing a project they don’t quite understand.
  • They work with a digital marketing agency – and aren’t sure where their budgets are going.
  • They have in-house digital marketing staff – and are either paying too much and seeing too little or paying too little and expecting too much.

In each case, they lack a good yardstick. Many digital marketers don’t want them to know that a yardstick does exist and it is simple as pie.

ROI rules digital marketing, not buzzwords

At Mash Media, we work with clients in each of those situations through setting mutually understood benchmarks and then tracking, reporting on and proving ROI against them. Further, we’re in the unusual position that we only hire staff who already have business ownership and/or management experience. We all talk business, because we’re all from business.

Some of those businesses run concurrently with Mash’s normal operations, others, like the technology skills consultancy of executive assistant Veronica Ryan, are from earlier career periods.

It’s why Veronica can speak from experience when she says you don’t need to understand everything about a technique to evaluate its results. Instead, she says the conversation is all about the resources you have and the results you want to get from them.

Do you get plain old ROI? That’s your frame for any expenditure and investment of resources: money, time or effort.

Digital marketing is new and exciting, yes, but it still follows that golden rule.

Getting back more than you put in

There are some business owners who don’t have a clear understanding on how to get the most out of their marketing.

She advises the best place for them could simply be considering their business goals for 2016-2017 and gauging whether they achieved them. If not, commencing or improving their digital marketing is something to look at for 2017-2018.

With the reach of the net these days – websites, social media, video – can you afford not to do it right? And when I say ‘do it right’, it means more than positive ROI, it means getting the optimal level of positive ROI.

Veronica illustrates what she means through the common case of businesses that have fairly good websites but nothing more.

A lot of people think having a website is enough, but how are people going to find it – these businesses don’t do any SEO. It’s like, if you had a phone number but didn’t list it anywhere: how would customers know to ring you? That’s what SEO does.

Starting or restarting your digital marketing

Now that you know a little more about how Mash does things, you can understand why the flowchart doesn’t do the usual things of sending every line to ‘call Mash Media’.

We’re not about selling digital marketing services to just anyone. Instead, we want to you find business success. Digital marketing consultation and agency services are just what we happen to bring to that table.

If those will nourish your operations, great! If not, we really hope you get the answers you need. Either way, check out the flowchart. Start at the top, follow it down and see where it leads you.

And good luck for 2017-2018!

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