Optimising Blog Posts

22 July 2016

Too few people are seeing your blog, let alone reading it. Fix it.

Imagine: You smash out a great blog post. It says exactly what you want. You post it. Then nothing. No one reads it. You’ve built it and they didn’t come.

Do you know how common this is?

In our experience, a huge majority of blog posts attract single-digit readerships. Why?

If the content is good, people should read it. The reason they aren’t reading is they aren’t finding. How do you get found? Well, here’s some great beginner advice from Paul Suntup, writing for DIYThemes.

Optimising your blogs

High search engine rankings aren’t easy to get. It takes time and effort. So, while hitting the full-stop key at the end of your posts last sentence feels like the end, it’s only the halfway mark to creating a blog post that’ll get read. There are many tweaks you can make to new and existing articles to get readers, gain followers and attract links. Do it yourself and it doesn’t even cost money, just a little time.

Remember, these are tweaks, not magic. Your blog posts won’t rocket to the top of Google search results. Getting these tweaks right you will improve your rankings though. Here are two easy ones to get you going.

Keyword research

You could try to guess what people type when they use a search engine, but with the many free keyword research tools available mean there are better ways.

Here are some of the best:

Avoid obvious keyword campaigns

It can be a waste of time going after highly competitive keywords with your on-site optimisation because you won’t be able to nab them. They are already hotly contested. Try instead to optimise for similar keywords that aren’t so in demand.

How do you know if a keyword or key-phrase is competitive?

Take one of the phrases you found while conducting keyword research and type it into Google search using quotations. For example, “iPhone repair Australia”. Now look look at the number that appears below the search box. That’s how many competitors are trying to appear at the top of the Google results page. All those businesses vying to be number one.

So, instead, try to find the keywords your customers would search but that return the fewest Google results. This will get you closer to the top by default. For example, “iPhone 6 repair Martin Place”.

That’s just two of the tweaks you can do to optimise blog posts. We could go on and on about the others, but we’re out of the space. Get more insider knowledge, give Mash Media a call: 1300 00 MASH (6275).

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