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Megadeck Australia was born out of the film industry some 25 years ago to cater for grips by providing camera risers as well as custom set designs.

Since that time, Megadeck Australia has expanded into every event industry niche providing high quality and diverse staging products that enhance the form and function of each industry type.

Never standing still, Megadeck are the innovators in stage design and fabrication. By understanding the nuances of each industry type in the events community, it is possible to provide precise staging products.


Megadeck Australia started off in the grips department of the Aussie film industry, and eventually expanded to provide risers and set designs. As the film industry can be rather fickle, making use of the goods in the down times meant Megadeck became the go-to providers of staging and event products for live events, expos and more.

The existing website, while full of useful information and ranking OK, was a little complicated when you had a look at the services, categories and products. Most of the items could be customised or used for more than one purpose, and this meant there was a lot of duplicate content, and it became quite a behemoth.


Our first stop was the SEO department – doing keyword research and web traffic analysis, the team started to get a better picture as to what was being search for, the purpose, and the lingo that most customers used. This was important so that building a new sitemap was easy, clear and with good navigation for UX.

The client already had Google Analytics installed, and once we were armed with the research – a new site map that made sense and wasn’t duplicated was made. Our amazing designers got to work refreshing the look and feel of the site before passing it on to the web team for technology. Technology matters with a new site build as sometimes coding or programming issues can impact SEO, such as site speed.


As the client was also engaging us for SEO, building a new site from the ground up meant that at go live, we had all the on-page SEO elements there. Tracking was installed and so we were able to start the off page local SEO campaigns in their main office locations – Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

1 month after launch

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