MGM Martin

The merging of 2 well known real estate agencies.


It started with 2 established real estate agencies (MGM Properties & Martin Realty) merging to form 1 super agency, MGM Martin. The challenge was creating a new brand that would encompass both respected business’ reputations and then build the new website.

The directors both loved their own brands, so we had to create the perfect balance of each for MGM Martin.

As well established companies, both existing websites had a lot of content; we had to go through both sites, analyse which pages had the most valuable content and create a brand-new sitemap without losing any SEO relevancy and with enhanced UI & UX.

An additional issue, was that there were two sets of back end software to be merged into one new streamlined system without losing any data or downtime.


We wanted to use as much of the existing colours as made sense, but with more modern & simplistic tones. For their colour palette we combined: Black, Dark Grey, Royal Blue, Pale Silver & White.

Next we designed a logo using two different fonts to add depth to a logo using the business name only. Once we had all the branding foundations, we put together the styleguide.


In combining two websites, step one was the SEO team analysing both websites for the most popular, ranking and valuable pages. They did this using Google Analytics, and additional research was done using premium tools such as SEMRush.

One of the main goals was to improve upon the past and create a site architecture and navigation that made browsing the site a pleasant and seamless experience. As with most property sales and rental based websites – a needs based filter and search system was integral to the functionality of the website. MGM Martin was also committed to educating their potential clients about the locality and neighbourhoods that their property offerings were in. Residential works to be showcased was an important feature on the new site, as well as client resources such as calculators and advice.

Finally, a fully responsive solution was needed for mobile friendly local search, with a friendly CMS (WordPress) for easy listing updates.

Some of our work