Should I update to WordPress 5?

29 January 2019


It’s barely a month since WordPress launched WordPress 5.0 – it’s biggest update yet. No other update in WordPress history has generated as much buzz as WordPress 5.0… and rightfully so. Unlike the previous updates which introduced small but significant changes to the platform, WordPress 5.0 brings major changes guaranteed to drastically improve site functionality, simplify the content creation process, and make WordPress friendlier and more accessible to new users. These changes are set to be carried out in three phases.

Phase one, which was initiated on December 6, 2018, involved the introduction of a new block editor “Gutenberg”, to replace the classic WordPress editor. So far this is the “crown jewel” of WordPress 5.0 and is the feature that has the WordPress community buzzing. Phase two, set to be released later in 2019 will focus on page templates, while the third phase will focus on enhancing the platform’s customiser.

What Does “Gutenberg” Involve?

Before you download WordPress 5.0 and update your site, consider the following benefits of Gutenberg and how it will affect your site and operations. Everything is BLOCK! In the previous versions, content was contained in a big HTML file. If you needed to add something else you needed custom post types, short codes, widgets, e.t.c.

All that is now gone.

The new editor now uses “blocks” for a streamlined editing experience. Just like in a LEGO set, you can now build the content you want quickly and easily by following a few simple straightforward instructions. Through blocks you can insert, style, and even rearrange multimedia content with very minimal technical knowledge. Instead of learning how to use custom code, you just need to learn how to manipulate the blocks and you’re good to go.

Some benefits associated with the block editor include:

  1. Reduced learning curve for new publishers. Through the use of pre-formatted blocks like “heading”, “gallery”, “cover image”, “list”, “quote”, e.t.c, drag and drop functionality, WYSIWYG editor, etcetera, blog contributors are able to learn how to navigate and publish posts on the platform in a much shorter time.
  2. Enhanced productivity. Gutenberg makes it easier to rearrange your content and easily make any desired changes. The formatting options are always nearby and immediately visible. If you enjoy working offline and adding your work to WordPress later, Gutenberg allows you to post the entire content into the editor and then convert it into separate blocks quickly. It’s even simpler than cut and paste!

Other Benefits of WordPress 5.0 include:

  1. Better security. – It is more resistant to bugs than previous version.
  2. Mobile optimization – It provides a more enhanced viewing experience for users on hand held devices.
  3. More flexibility – No need to use code snippets or learn how to program to submit content.
  4. Background image – You can easily add and crop the background image.

WordPress 5.0 provides a much more streamlined environment that shortens the time to learn how to publish content for new users and enhances productivity for seasoned publishers. The platform also sets the stage for a ton of cool possibilities down the road. Embrace this new platform and take your site to the next level. Not ready to make the shift? Worried about potential installation problems that might adversely affect your site? No problem. Although at the moment there are no security issues associated with WordPress 5.0 we can carry out the installation for you, continuously monitor your site and fix any complications that may emerge due to bugs.

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