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Our disciplined approach to Facebook Ads Management is how we deliver you such sensational results. Our calculated methodologies rely heavily on data & creativity.
We understand & appreciate the AI functionality within the Facebook platform, and we work to feed its learning capabilities which is how we achieve the desired outcomes for your business.

The first step is creating Your Social Media Strategy where we work with you and will uncover your customer personas, customer journey, creative approach & campaign goals, This plan can then be used in other channels such as organic to improve performance too.

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  • 2.895 billion active monthly users are on Facebook
  • 73% of. Facebook users log in daily
  • $18.68 is the average cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads across the board
  • 0.09% is the average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads
  • 24% is the market share Facebook has on digital media spend (in the US)
  • 26% of Facebook users who clicked on an ad, went on to make a purchase.


The benefits of Facebook Ads are endless. However, let us give you some highlights that have had a huge impact on the success of marketing campaigns we run for our clients.
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Not As Competitive

Adwords can get extremely competitive! Battling for a few spots at the top of the search page. Facebook gives advertisers the opportunity to reach people without direct comparison to competition.

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Cost Effective

Facebook is one of the cheapest forms of digital advertising, in fact it is also the cheapest form of awareness creating marketing in comparison to other above the line channels such as TV, Radio, Press etc.

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Highly Targeted

Facebook advertising is the most targeted marketing platform around. It allows you to hyper target your ideal customer persona down to the nitty gritty details such as gender, age, earning potential, interests, habits and much more.

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This platform allows you to discover quality information about your audience and their behaviour, and build up profiles of these users and then create similar lists to market too, forever expanding your audience and increasing engagement through insight.

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Facebook gives you the most amazing insights into your audience. This information helps us to continually improve your campaign performance and really get to understand your audience.

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Facebook is the most popular social media site on earth and you should be utilising it to the fullest. Organic is fantastic, but limited with reach & insights., this is the way to bring more attention to your brand/business and meet your revenue growth targets.
Facebook Ad Case Study:

Spinaleze is an Australian owned & made chiropractic sleep solution specialists, providing one of a kind pillows, toppers & mattresses to improve spinal posture reducing pain and providing better sleep.

The client wanted to increase his sales leading up to Christmas (post poor performance due to covid lockdowns in the middle of the year)

We gave his Social Media an overhaul! We also ran a targeted Facebook Ad Campaign.

Here are the results:

spinaleze social media
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