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Lets’s face it, Social Media can easily become overwhelming & time consuming to manage and often hard to quantify from an ROI perspective, Right? Well don’t worry, Mash’s Social Media Management team can handle all of that for you.
Hassle-free social media with our custom strategies and simple packages.
We help businesses that simply don’t have the time, expertise or resources to effectively stay on top of it themselves. I mean multiple channels, content creation, hashtags, engagement strategies, influencers, metrics and data… that’s a lot to manage when you have a business to run.
3 Benefits to having Mash Media manage your Social Media Pages:
  • Saves you Time
  • Increases Brand Awareness
  • Creates communityt
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Custom Social Media Strategy

This is a must before we are able to effectively manage your social media, We will outline your brand identity, your customers, your content pillars and more.

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Content Creation & Scheduling

We create & schedule your content to match your outlined strategy. You will have the opportunity to edit and approve before anything goes live.

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Post & Monitor

Once we have posted on your pages we then monitor the performance to ensure we post more of what gets the most engagement.

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This is a document we create and share with you. It will be your social media strategy. It will also be the insight our social media team needs to produce the scroll stopping content that will keep your followers interested.
Here is what’s your social media strategy included:
  • A business questionnaire (to help us get to know you)
  • Customer Journey (to match your personas)
  • Brand Position
  • Content Pillars (up to 5)
  • Feed Styling and post concepts
  • IEngagement strategies and tactics

This strategy is so valuable for your business as it relates to not just social media but truly helps you to identify and align your business with the needs of your customers. It also goes towards understanding your brand identity and can be used in other marketing efforts too.

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Are you ready to gain insight into your customers’ needs and learn how to transform that into content that will delight your audiences?


Almost every business needs a social media presence. Defining the needs of that presence can be more complicated.
Our team can answer any questions you may have and help you define what will really help your business. It may just be someone to do manage the pages because you are too busy, or simply don’t want to. It may be because your business depends on social media for growth, leads, sales and you require the skills of the experts. Whatever you need…
Mash has you covered.

Custom Social Media Strategy – $700

Inclusions as per above
Keep up Appearance
$500 p/m
  • 3x curated post per week on up
    to 3 chanels
Staying Front of Mind
$750 p/m
  • 5x curated post per week on up to 4 channels
  • 2 Stories per week on FB & Insta
Engagement & Growth
$1500 p/m
  • 4 curated posts per week FB & Insta
  • 2 Stories per week
  • 2 hrs engagement per week
BESPOKE – The above packages are a guide. Once we have a Social Media Strategy we will work with you on whatever your business needs are

With Mash Media managing your social media pages, you will have the time to do what you do best… Grow your business!

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