The New Digital Display Advertising

19 July 2016

Know the score on retargeting, social media and prospecting.

Webpage banners and billboards are the oldest things in digital marketing. But they’re not old hat. Recent technical and tactical innovations have put the practice back to square one. This is actually very good news.

After a couple of years where targeting/retargeting and social media marketing trends opened up vast new territories in digital display, the field is only now finding new standard operating practices. Of course, as it settles down, digital display is still throwing up surprises, but they are now fewer and smaller. ROI is has become reliable.

In a way, you could say the borders were expanded, but they’re now mapped. The time has come for pioneers to build on the most promising territories within. New digital display holds great promise for those ready to grow with it and respond to it.

A quick-witted digital campaign

You might wonder: how do you do something like digital display advertising reliably, when best practice changes quarter to quarter?

The answer: responsiveness and flexibility – values that are in Mash Media’s blood and shown in its no-lock-in-contract pledge. This means if your Mash-managed digital display campaign is not working, you’re free to try new things. If it is working, you can see what happens when you double down, even if temporarily.

Mash Media focuses less on fixed, deliberate milestones and more on evolving your campaign’s tactics and insights to innovate towards your business goals. It’s about agility, collaboration and keeping you informed on the latest developments. That’s where your competitive advantage lies.

It’s also why you’ll get a personal account manager with Mash – no call centres or receptionists. Your account manager is dedicated to you. Their job is to understand your business and manage a campaign that’s custom built for your specific needs and to keep you in the loop, not sell you a package deal.

Four digital display need-to-knows

Most effective use: awareness building. Think getting your name our there, not luring the leads in.
Trend: retargeting. Imagine visiting your customers back with placed ads on their desktop or mobiles once they have visited your web presences.
Innovation: prospecting. Use the information you have on past and current users to build an audience profile and then go to online sources to build a database of similar users-to-be.
Insight: social. Facebook users are among the most understood and valued prospects ever. You can use Facebook’s audience analytics tools to reach out to the people who are already primed to like you – before they even know about you.
The old banners and billboards of Web 1.0 could never do this sort of stuff. Nowadays, display ads are smart, targeted and responsive. Your strategy should be too.

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