To know you is to love you – The Mash Media business boost.

5 April 2021

It is 1996. The Spice Girls have burst onto the music scene “Tell me what you want, what you really, really want”.

You know exactly what you want!

Standing behind the counter of your food shop, you are dejectedly watching the early lunchtime crowd drifting into their favourites to collect a meat pie, burger or a bag of fish and chips. You make and sell the best food in town. Everybody who tries it says so. You have big dreams. Another store, a bigger kitchen. Setting up a franchise.

All you really, really want is for everybody walking past to step in and try your food. You know that they’ll be back for more.

Marketing is not what it used to be, In a world of marketing overload, you need to find a way to cut through the noise.

You need Mash Media. In 2021!

Your brand

1996 – Bill’s Bowls

  • You make truly delicious takeaway bowls of pasta, chilli, salad. Meat, fish, vegetarian. Your name is William. They are bowls of Food.

2021 – Mash Media branding services

  • The Mash team know that you must be memorable. More than that you must be enticing, to get the lunchtime crowd to have their first taste of your fantastic food and get them hooked.

Website – the shop window

1996 – Your window display.

  • 6 bowls, filled with leftover food from yesterday. A handwritten board with a list of your food and prices.

2021 – Mash Media – Website design and develoment

  • It begins with identifying your target market, knowing what they want, what will work, conduct a thorough competitor analysis and have a plan.
  • A professional, captivating website, aimed to entice and convert. The food looks so good you can almost smell the aroma through the screen.

Social Media – word of mouth

1996 – word of mouth.

  • “Tell your workmates” is your mantra. Since everybody says your food is the best ever, they just need to tell everybody then your business will take off.

2021 – Mash Media & Social Media

  • Know where your customers hang out online, build beautiful engaging content on those channel and build up an audience & community via social media.

Mobile mentions

1996 – Lamppost stickies

  • In a flash of inspiration, you realised that some people don’t even know that your shop exists. You have printed some stickers say ‘Delicious food’ with your address. You’ve stuck these on all of the local lampposts. (You are a bit worried that the local council may see this as vandalism!)

2021 – Mash Media and Google

  • Your potential customers pull out their ‘phones and use Google to search for a great place for lunchtime food. Your team of Mashies have been at work and your business is the first result they see, with directions to your shop.

Now the customers are flooding in, every day. Time to move to that bigger, better kitchen!

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