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You’ve heard about SEO and how it can improve your website’s performance, but you aren’t sure where to start.

You don’t want to wade through pushy sales people from companies that are all about volume of clients rather than results

You don’t want to talk to account managers or website developers that might be splitting their time on areas other than SEO

You know your product or service is amazing, if only everyone knew about it!


SEO Experts (Yes, we have a team of SEO experts, and it’s all they do)

Completely untrained in sales (We just want to talk about SEO..)

Find Out:

What areas of your website need on-page optimisation

Is Site Speed slowing your site down?

Technical items that might be holding your site back from index

Missing titles and metadata SEO Audit Page

This tool is a beta and for website testing only, SEO Audit tool doesn’t replace a thorough customised SEO Audit performed by our real people. We won't share any data collected by the tool that could identify you.

I have the honour ​of​ writ​ing​ a testimonial for Mash Media and in particular its owner Sharney Ryan. I have been with them for now over 5 years​! And wouldnt consider going anywhere else again.​ The​y are a great team who have a​ genuine interest in helping my practice succeed with Marketing, Adwords and Website​ &​amp; SEO has been superb.Prior to them advising me i had spent significant sums with large organizations, only to find that much of the budget was spent on their overheads and profit before being applied to my business.This company ​truly ​delivers.

Dr Ron Binetter

Mash Media will assess your site to build a strategy to improve its performance and conversion rate.

When you don’t need big fixes, Mash won’t try to sell them to you. When you do need a big fix, we’ll explain why.

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