What Does Google Partner Really Mean?

6 April 2017

Watch out! If your digital marketing agency’s website is missing this thing it could mean you’re not dealing with truly qualified digital managers. What’s the missing thing? The Google Partner badge. Mash Media is proud to have one.

Unforgeable and unfakeable, a Google Partner badge is how you know your digital marketing agency is accredited in best practice for the world’s leading advertising platform – Google AdWords!

And because Mash Media is a Google Premier Partner, our badge looks like this:

Click on it and see where it goes. Then come back here to get the whole story.

Accredited digital marketers

Digital marketing is like most ‘consultative industries’. It self-regulates with strict certification programs to establish its credibility and to help customers tell which service providers actually know what they’re doing. When it comes to AdWords, this is precisely the role of Google Partner accreditation. Satisfied digital advertising clients like you are central to the search giant’s profits.

Because it is a trendsetter in digital marketing and advertising (among much else), Google is serious about its responsibility to build and encourage best practice. According to Mash Media Search Engine Optimisation Strategist Rebecca Caldwell this is why the company so often changes and improves its products – and usually without warning.

Keeping up to speed via Google Academy for individual marketers is paramount, the bonus is the agencies they represent can then give clients even better service.

A mark of marketing reliability

A Google Partner badge cannot be bought or gained through trickery. If you clicked on our badge in this article’s intro, you’ll know the badge is dynamic and links back to Google itself. You can’t hack that.

Why does this matter? Quality control and reliability. The only way to get a Google Partner accreditation is to pass some seriously demanding examinations on building, managing, tracking and improving campaigns using the various AdWords components. Unlike high school, 80% is not considered a “good” result in a Google exam. It’s a bare pass.

And, unlike a driver’s licence, Google accreditations only last 12 months at the most. Even harsher, they are automatically forfeit if the consultant who passed the tests doesn’t meet some pretty strict ongoing criteria. And that’s just for Google Partner; Google Premier Partner is even more difficult to get. Mash Media is proud to be a Premier Partner – our marketing experts worked hard to get there because we figure it’s what our clients deserve.

Making the grade

Because digital marketing is a broad church, there quite a few specialisations within the Google Partner accreditation. As a company, Mash Media holds 2 specialisations:

  • Search Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising

Our staff have earned a further 7 individual specialisations between them:

  • Search Advertising
  • Mobile Websites
  • Tag Manager
  • Video Ads
  • Display Advertising
  • Shopping

Google Analytics IQTo get and keep each of these certifications requires advanced knowledge and understanding of Google Adwords. Because Mash holds the higher rank of Premier Partner, we’ve had to go even farther to meet and maintain compliance with a strict set of criteria. We must always:

  • Have on staff at least 2 people who’ve earned AdWords certifications
  • Manage a certain size of total AdWords budget
  • Demonstrate a high level of AdWords performance and revenue growth
  • Sustain and grow our AdWords client base.

At Mash, our 2 accredited staff are Digital Marketing Manager Michael Simonsen and Rebecca Caldwell (whom you heard from earlier). Both testify on the difficulty of the examinations and the many hours of study involved.

Michael reiterates that Google Premier Partner status means Mash is accredited by Google as an agency that can create, deliver and maintain successful online advertising campaigns.

It also means we work directly with senior Google staff in getting our clients the best results, We have dedicated contacts at Google. We have face to face meetings. I can call whenever I need to and they’ll be there.

Always look for the Partner badge

Whether you choose to work with Mash Media for your AdWords marketing or not, it’s important to look for the Google Partner badge on a digital marketing agency’s website. When you see it, you’ll know you are working with people who have responsive access to Google training and support. It means they are up to speed, qualified by Google and have a track record of great service and great results.

Find out how a Premier Google Partner can make your digital marketing campaigns even better. Call 1300 00 MASH (6274) today.

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