Advanced Dental Artistry

A 31% increase in conversions from a 21% organic traffic boost


The practice is dedicated to holistic service and training, and ADA is one rare dental practices in Australia that has a complete in-house team who can complete an entire treatment without outsourcing anything. Fair to say, it was a highly visible leader in WA’s cosmetic dental industry.

Until a substandard website redesign through another provider. Formerly strong site traffic plunged, taking website lead enquiries with it. The new ADA site also had the lowest loading speed score our SEO team has ever seen, just 3 out of 100 – when 80 is considered acceptable.

Further, ADA was also finding the customer service of the site creators poor. Getting things fixed was difficult.

This all led them to come to Mash Media, hoping our team could help resolve the issues.

After conducting an SEO audit of the site, SEO Manager Camille le GOff and SEO Strategist Rebecca Caldwell diagnosed a list of improvements, both to technical and page content aspects, that could address the site’s disastrous load speed and search performance.

The key steps were:

1. An SEO audit to ascertain ADA online performance before and since the failed website redesign and to set the baseline for track the progress of our solution. 2. In person meeting with Advanced Dental Artistry’s Marketing Manager and Principal Dentist to take them through the audit findings and discuss how what their site needed matched their budget.

Key findings from the site audit included:
  • Faulty forms and download links meant some enquiries might not have even been getting through to the team
  • Many service pages were at risk because of ‘keyword stuffing’ – too many instances of the same keyword which damages language coherence
  • H1 tags lacked optimisation
  • Page titles and meta descriptions lacked optimisation
  • Blog articles did not target the right keywords.

ADA soon noticed improvements after our team made as many of the necessary technical and content fixes as possible.

  • Website enquiries began growing strongly increased, as did organic traffic
  • The site speed score increased to 73/100 nearly to the benchmark, up from 3/100. Further improvements to eke more speed out of the site are an ongoing optimisation project
  • Organic conversions increased by 30.94% in just 3 months
  • Organic traffic increased 21% in the first month alone.

With the instant fixes rolled out in one large overhaul, further improvements have continued as our SEO team explores new avenues to drive even greater results.

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